Hard Coal Mine Borynia 2011
Piotr Somski, 21 stycznia 2011

It has been a first trip to the hard coal mine since many years in the history of SKNG. On our destination we choose  Hard Coal Mine Borynia in Jastrzbie Zdrój. It is one of the five coal mines, which together are called Jastrzbska Spóka Wglowa Group. The mining area of JSW is located in the Upper-Silesian Coal Basin.

The JSW Group is the largest producer of coking coal and a significant coke producer in the European Union.

We met early morning (very early for many of us it was still night) in front of our Institute and started our three hours journey, which  for most of was a opportunity to sleep a little bit more. We arrived to the mine for one hour before he dawn. We spent this time for hearing safety instructions, we learned how to use safety equipment and heard some geological information about the minor. After that we was given personal safety equipment, lighter, helmets and clothes. Going down, we used the lift which speed was about 40km/h! We could feel how the pressure was changing. Because of the methane, high-explosive gas we were not allowed to take any camera, but we could see how the miner works, collect some probes also  with some carboniferous  flora. We also saw in real time working mechanical coal miner, which was very exciting. Unfortunately we were not been allowed to see coal face with all equipment, but maybe next time?
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