Conference: Lamprophyres and related mafic hypabyssal rocks
Piotr Somski, 14 paŸździernika 2010
This petrological conference took place between 14th and 17th of October in the small  and  picturescue village Róanka, which is located on the foothills of the Bystrzyckie Mountains. It was the eighteenth annual meeting of Petrological Section of Polish Mineral Society.  Dr hab. Marek Awdankiewicz – scientist and lecturer from our institute was the chairman of the conference.

Student from our club had been interested in this event long before it started – because  before  holidays. As a result,  four members of SKNG became involved in organization of the meeting. We had prepared sets of conference materials and helped to transport all necessary equipment to Róanka. There, on Thursday morning, we  organized a reception office, prepared tables for posters and the conference hall. During the  whole conference our role was to  keep eye on it proceeding, help guest with their problems and questions etc. The second and third day were designed for lectures and poster session and a was a trip to Niedwiedzia Cave. In the evening of  course there was a time for relax. On Sunday there was a field trip to some interesting outcrops of lapmrophyres located  nearby Róanka.

Tanks to our presence we were able to listen many interesting petrological and minerological lectures about  the theoretical and applied issues in geology and geochemistry. The main part of the session were research in the field of lamprophyres. This was also great opportunity for us to meet geologist from different part of Poland and other countries ( ex. France,  Germany, Czech republic or Russia). Talks after the official parts, for example  on conference dinner, evening barbecue or trip to Niedwiedzia Cave were chance to exchange scientific ideas but also to rest a bit from geology.

Last day when all participants went home, we stayed to do some small tidings andto take all things  back to Wrocaw. We came home tired,  but satisfied.
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